College Reminders for the Class of 2019

If you want to sign up for a college planning meeting with me, stop by or email me and we can find a time to meet at your convenience. If your family wants to meet with me as well, they can select a meeting time or email me to coordinate another time. Before we meet, please complete the College Autobiography. Many teachers require this before they write letters of recommendation, but it also allows me to ask questions as you plan which campuses to visit, what majors to consider, etc.
There are lots of ways you can prepare for the SAT/ACT now to increase your scores. Many colleges, scholarships, and academic majors have specific test score minimums. Do not underestimate how preparation can help you!
  • Your grades this semester matter a lot. They are so important for college applications. 
  • Your senior schedule matters a lot. Colleges absolutely care what you take senior year. 
  • You want to start visiting colleges now. Register online through the admission office website for each college
  • When you register for the SAT/ACT, select schools to receive your scores automatically. Almost all colleges require scores to be sent directly from the testing service rather than from your high school, and it is free to send them when you take the test. 
  • Ask questions! We are here to help you. The more work you put into your college search now, the easier your senior year will be. 
  • Complete your applications in August. Just trust me on this one.