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New Scholarship Opportunities: 2018

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ExtraordinAIRy Treasures (Deadline 5/31/18)…..Fifteen (15) $1,000 ExtraordinAIRy Treasures scholarships are very unique, so please read the following and pass on the information. Williams Comfort Air created ExtraordinAIRy Treasures in 2009 to

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Scholarships with an emphasis on African-American students

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Affordable Colleges Online was kind enough to share a resource with us. They recently compiled a list of  “College scholarships for black students”. Check the link for opportunities! You

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Seniors: Reminders December 2017

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First semester grades will be stored and new transcripts will be ready to send to colleges by January 12, 2018. Sending Mid-Year Report to Colleges: If you need a midyear

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College Visits

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Nothing helps students and families more in the college search process than making an official college visit to schools of interest. Many college visits can take place on non-BCHS school

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Franklin College Update

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Franklin College in Franklin, IN is still accepting students on a rolling basis and continues to award scholarships to deserving students.