Midterm Re-Group

Midterms: a chance to re-group academically….stop and pause…check your grades….take a moment and ask yourself…. Am I happy with how I am doing? Do I have an area that needs to improve?

If you feel you need help academically…do something about it NOW…see below for a few ideas…

  • Classroom teachers are available Tuesday through Friday during zero period for student academic help. Our doors are open…drop by! Your teachers care about how you are doing in class…talk to them!
  • Send an email to your classroom teacher asking for time to have an academic talk. Express your challenge…ask for help. Talk to your guidance counselor….they can help you too.
  • Enlist the help of National Honor Society tutor. Tutoring with NHS members is available every Tuesday through Friday during 0 period in the CLC from 7:20-7:50 OR during homeroom.
  • Attend after school study tables. This opportunity is supported by two guidance counselors Monday through Thursday from 3:15-4:00 in room 205. No sign-up is needed—just bring study materials.