Advice from a College Freshman, Part 2

* The class of 2016 already has knowledge to share with our current students. Look for wisdom from them to be featured in our Guest Blog section throughout the year. Thank you, Taylor, for sharing your story.

608d9c33-3577-44c2-84dc-ed128883773dMy name is Taylor Keasey and I am a Chatard Alumna. I am now a freshman at Marian University. ┬áIt wasn’t always easy getting to where I am today with school. I’ve been the kid to dread going and to complain about it. My freshman year of high school at Bishop Chatard is where I blossomed into a good student. Once senior year hit, I definitely struggled more than I did previously. You get all these college deadlines thrown at you and you get stressed. All I have to say is take a deep breath and take it one thing at a time. Make sure to take your SAT/ACT taken as early as the beginning of junior year. Take it as many times as you need to, to improve your scores.

Make sure you let your parents help you. This is a new beginning for them too. They are there to help and are more than willing. With the education of BCHS, I can safely say that everyone there has prepared me for the next four years of my education and classes at Marian University. With all the amazing staff and all the one on one time I had, they were always there to support me and help me with anything I needed. Never take your teachers for granted. They are your strongest supporters besides your parents. Bishop Chatard High School has prepared me for my college career and I am beyond grateful for the education they provided me.