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Class of 2019 Graduation Checklist

Seniors, Please check off these 9 things to make the last month and a half of your high school experience better for everyone. Keep up the good work!

1. Complete your Senior Exit Form. We need this for our school statistics, so it is important that you complete it whether you are going to college, the military, or employment. We also use this form for the slideshow at Honors Night, the Graduation Program, with the NCAA/NAIA eligibility center, and for sending your final transcripts, so it is important that you have the information to us as soon as you make your final decision.

2. Decide what you are doing next year. You need to submit a deposit to the college of your choice by May 1 to hold your spot. You should also contact the schools you are not attending to ask them to withdraw your application.

3. Bishop Chatard will automatically send final transcripts to your schools of choice by June 1. We will also send final transcripts to NCAA and NAIA eligibility centers if you have indicated your plans to participate in college athletics.

 4. Bring all admit letters or scholarship letters to Mrs. Alerding in the School Counseling Office (room 213) ASAP. You can also email screenshots of your portal or photos of the letters to her at We cannot put a school in the graduation program unless we have record that you have been admitted there.

5. If you have taken AP classes, your new AP scores won’t be available until July. If you designate a specific school on your AP exam booklet, they will automatically receive all of your AP scores, including past scores. Otherwise, you can request them through CollegeBoard when the score is available. Check for more info.

6. If you have taken dual credit classes, we aren’t able to send dual credit transcripts to colleges because they are issued directly through the credit-granting institution. You will need to request that the college sends your transcript. For Indiana University Advance College Project (ACP) courses (Public Speaking, W131, Finite), you can request your transcript at  If you have any trouble with that, their phone number is (812) 855-4500. ​For Vincennes University courses (Accounting),  you can request your transcript at For questions, please contact them by phone at 812.888.4220 or email at

7. Cap and gown pick-up is May 15 in the cafeteria after your period 6 exam. Please remember that you can’t pick up your cap and gown unless you are up to date on paying off your lunch account. Graduation practice is May 16 at 1:00. Final exam schedule:

  • May 10, 1:10, Period 7
  • May 13, 8:55, Period 1
  • May 13, 10:00, Period 2
  • May 14, 1:10, Period 3
  • May 14, 2:15, Period 4
  • May 15, 7:50, Period 5
  • May 15, 8:55, Period 6

8. If you are selected for verification or have follow-up questions regarding your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the two best resources are INvestED (free local service, and the government (1-800-433-3243,

9. Please pass your classes. And make good choices. Thank you!

FAFSA Deadline 4/15

The federal deadline to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is Monday, April 15, 2019.

Some families elect not to file the FAFSA, but it is the best way to receive maximum consideration for institutional grants, need-based aid, and additional financial aid opportunities. 

Need help? INvestED professionals will help your family complete the FAFSA free of charge. Contact INvestED at 1-888-476-2006 or email

Quick Look at College Credit for English Courses

Students often have questions regarding their potential to earn college credit as they evaluate which senior English course to take. This chart shows what credit some local universities currently award for AP Language, AP Literature, and W131.

A few reminders as you review this information:

  1. The preparation you receive in these courses is a wonderful foundation for success in your college-level courses. Even if you will not be exempt from a specific English class at the college or university you attend, it is still advantageous to take these courses.
  2. Most colleges have a policy that if you are awarded college credit from another university (100-level course or higher earning a C or better), you will receive transfer credit. There are exceptions to this.  Additionally, these credits sometimes come in as elective credit, but a certain number of elective credits are required for graduation as well.
  3. Colleges and universities change their policies and the specific credit awarded on a very regular basis. Often, faculty review committees or new Provosts or Deans can change the requirements over the summer. It is important to opt into or out of a class based on the knowledge acquired and experience gained rather than always trying to work ahead at a specific college of university.
  4. This information was compiled via various inquiries to registrars, admissions offices, transfer credit evaluation sites, and academic deans. There may be exceptions based on the major to which you are applying, etc. It is best to contact the college or university’s Registrar if you have questions or are trying to decide whether to enroll in a course.

AP Language AP Literature W 131
Ball State University ENG 103 (3 or 4)

ENG 103 & 104 (5)

ENG 206 (3, 4, or 5) ENG 103
Butler University EN 185 (4 or 5) EN 185 (4 or 5) General elective: 100 level credit
Indiana University W 131 (4 or 5) X 101 (3, 4, or 5) Grade is taken in GPA
Marian University ENG 101 (4 or 5) ENG 101 & ENG 112 (4 or 5) ENG 112
University of Notre Dame WR 13100 (4 or 5) No credit transfers No credit transfers
Purdue University ENGL 10600 (4 or 5) ENGL 23100 (4 or 5) ENG 10300