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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do as a Freshman to explore careers?

  1. Use the personality assessment in Naviance Student to evaluate your in interests
  2. Participate in grade-level meetings to explore colleges & careers
  3. Create a high school course map using academic planning tools
  4. Use the BCHS College Counseling career links to explore careers you are interested in.

What can I do as a Sophomore to explore careers?

  1. Keep an eye out for BCHS Alumni Career Lunches, where you can sign up to listen to recent BCHS alumni talk about their profession and path to that work.
  2. Login to Naviance Student and complete the career interest profile.
  3. Create a high school schedule focused on your college goals

What can I do as a Junior to explore careers?

  1. Continue to use the Naviance Student platform to match colleges to individual interests
  2. Schedule Just for Juniors meeting with BC college counselor
  3. Attend ‘College Reps’ meetings, where you can meet with admission representatives from colleges
  4. Gain college exposure at these on-site college presentations
  5. Begin college visits
  6. Access college database to compare admissions data to individual GPA and test scores

What can I do as a Senior to explore careers?

  1. Review your interests and career profile from Naviance Student
  2. Shadow someone in the profession that you are interested in
  3. Continue visits with College Reps at BCHS

How do I begin to think about a major in college?

College Board has a wonderful article they call the Ultimate Guide on Choosing a College Major. It is a good place to start. They suggest

  1. Think about what you like
  2. Consider your career goals
  3. Talk to advisors and professionals

Read the CollegeBoard article