College Spotlight 4

ruthscounselngblogphotoCollege: University of Louisville

Author: Ruth P. from the class of 2020

Admissions site:

As a high school student exploring college options, I was overwhelmed with the amount of time and energy required to make the best decision possible. Initially, I recall being at a loss of what I was actually looking for. We are all told to be mindful of tuition, location, intended programs/majors, involvement opportunities, college-specific scholarships, etc. Maybe not in that order, but I remember being nervous all around. What do I look at first? What matters most? What if I make the wrong decision?

As a first-generation college student, I did not fully understand the meaning of this label until it came time to make the big decision. My high school counselor aided me through every step. But ultimately, I remember being the one who had to make the decisions, I remember being the one who skipped out on hanging out in order to get applications filled and submitted. I also remember not being able to speak to my parents about the stress because I believed that there was no way that they understood what I was going through.

I made 4 lists that were the backbone of my success. The first contained my extracurricular activities, skills/abilities, leadership roles, community service, honors/talents and awards. The second held potential effective recommenders. The third consisted of scholarships that I qualified to apply for, based on my ACT score and GPA. And, finally, the fourth, a list of colleges that fit my intended major.

I turned the first list into a resume, the second into actual recommendations, the third into applications that I filled and submitted, and the fourth into colleges that I applied to, based on my intended program/major.

After getting accepted into my college choices, I then had to make the decisions that fell under “location, tuition, advantage of my intended program/major, involvement opportunities.” Although I initially wanted to move as far away as possible and be my own person, I realized that the further away from home, the higher the tuition. With the University of Louisville three miles south of the lively Downtown city of Louisville, along with the affordable tuition, I was hooked. I was reeled in by the 400+ student clubs and organizations that were centered around student interests. I was officially sold when it came to the college-specific scholarships that, in the end, are paying for my entire undergraduate education.

Although it required countless hours of research, numerous applications, and periods of anxiety, I found a home within the University of Louisville. Now, as a Middle/Secondary Education Major with a track in English, happily working for the University’s Office of Admissions, I know that I would not have been this happy anywhere else.

REMEMBER: Just a reminder that not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning but at the University of Louisville, you will be just fine!