College Spotlight 5


Amazing photos compliments of Susan Brown

College: Colorado State University

colorado-state-1Author: Susan B. from Hartford, Wisconsin

Admissions site:

Hello, friends! My name is Susan Brown and I am a junior at CSU. I am from Hartford, Wisconsin, so we share the AMAZING Midwest as a home region! At CSU I am an Admissions Ambassador Student Coordinator, so I work with two peers to supervise the entire student ambassador (tour guide) team. Around campus, I am an officer for the CSU Outdoor Club and for the Campus Feminist Alliance and I am involved in the Honors Student Association. I love Fort Collins and my decision to come to CSU from the Midwest!

Okay, so basically CSU is in a PRIME location. First of all, you’re only an hour from Denver, which makes getting back home easy—there are even shuttles that take you straight from your doorstep to the airport check-in door. Secondly, Old Town Fort Collins is the BEST. It’s got a small-town feel but with big-town opportunities. It has some great places to grab a bite to eat (STUFT burger bar and LuLu’s Asian Bistro are my faves), grab the best ice cream in town (Walrus Ice Cream, if you’re in town), or hang out! Ocolorado-state-5n to my favorite thing about CSU’s location, though: the MOUNTAINS.

Okay, I’m from the Midwest, just like y’all, so I know the struggle of wanting to hike but not having that many options, wanting to climb but not having any outdoor routes close enough, and wanting to just get outside but not having THAT many choices. Let me tell you—CSU is only an hour away from Rocky Mountain National Park (one of my favorite places to go year-round), two hours away from the closest ski resort, and only FIFTEEN MINUTES from Horsetooth Reservoir, which is basically a HUGE man-made lake with lots of land around it dedicated to being open space. You want to learn how to climb outside? We have more routes than you could climb in a month within a half hour from your door. You want to hike a fourteener? You can wake up, go climb one or two (or three or four) fourteeners, and be back in Fort Collins before 8 PM. You want to backpack for the weekend? I’ve been leadincolorado-state-10g backpacking trips for the Outdoor Club for 3 years now and I haven’t run out of places to explore. My favorite hike is the Bear Lake/Dream Lake/Emerald Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. If you’re out to visit and want a good day hike, this is the one—and it’s open all year! Fort Collins is also in the perfect location to go explore other parts of the west—from weekend trips to the Tetons in Wyoming to spring break backpacking trips in Moab, Utah, you can just GET OUT and enjoy the world around you. How cool is that? I personally PROMISE that if you love the outdoors, you cannot be bored in Fort Collins. Heck, I want to stay here after I graduate next year so I can continue to explore all of the places I haven’t gotten a chance to see.

So, new high school friends, I hope this little blog post made you look up a BUNCH of pictures of the places I mentioned because the wildcolorado-state-9 outdoors in this area is one of the reasons I loved CSU and Fort Collins SO MUCH. On top of the campus being open and friendly, the people being smiley, the professors being super personal, and all of the other feel-good vibes I got from my visits at CSU, being so close to so many adventures really drew me here. I hope you all are having a wonderful year and that seniors are having luck with applications! I don’t know you personally, but I know that y’all ROCK. If you have any questions for me about CSU, feel free to reach out through the CSU Admissions e-mail or phone number—I’d be more than happy to talk to you! Happy Holiday Season, and GO RAMS!
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