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College Counseling

What can I do to get a good start at college?


John Michael Mason, BCHS Class of 2016, offers this advice:

  1. Get into the habit of checking your emails, during the summer.
  2. Try to get the earliest orientation date possible so that you can get the best choice of classes before they fill up.
  3. When you arrive on campus, be careful, especially before school starts, with going to parties, and manage your time properly.
  4. Spend a few hours each day studying to retain the information learned in class. College is not like high school. You apply what you learn to real life situations through problem solving and critical thinking. The critical thinking aspect is something to look forward to because thinking grades matter will take away the motivation to learn.
  5. Get involved in a few clubs, but do not get too involved because studying is the number 1 priority.
  6. If you go to office hours for your struggling classes every week, you will be more likely to succeed than those who do not.
  7. If you want a job or internship, go to career fairs.
  8. Build connections, make friends, and have fun because with being your own boss, there is a lot to enjoy and learn from the experience.

Sami Katra, BCHS Class of 2016, offers her experience:

  1. Do what is best for you! Give yourself a balanced schedule and take care of yourself and you will be fine. Be healthy, sleep when you can, take a break when need to, and take advantage of the small amounts of free time. Meet new people, love your friends, and let God do the rest.
  2. Don’t be afraid to keep in touch with your high school friends and don’t be afraid to come home. Your parents will miss you and love to see you home, but make sure you get the college experience, you won’t regret it.
  3. So, do your best and be thankful for the life you have and those around you. Live the 4th and Go Trojans!