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College Counseling

What are some college visit tips?


Best Time to Make a Visit

If you can, visit when campus in in full swing during the academic year. But if that’s not possible, a Saturday or in the summer will still give you the campus flavor.

Official tour or hang out?

Do both. An organized tour will allow you to understand process, logistics, dates and deadlines and all the nitty gritty. Hanging out helps you get a feel for the environment.

On the tour and beyond

Ask questions that aren’t about facts and figures you can find on their website. And don’t judge a university by just one tour guide or the weather on the day. After your visit is over, everybody should compare notes. Mom may have noticed something that perhaps the student didn’t. Remember, you can always visit again.
These insights are from Mitch Warren, Purdue Director of Admission, 2016

Bishop Chatard and College Visits

Visit the BCHS Senior Page . On that page, go to the ‘College’ tab to find out what you need to do if the visit is during school hours.