Mrs. Nixon and students discussing college information

College Counseling

March College Counseling Newsletter for Juniors


“Help! My college search season is here and I feel behind. What should I do?”

  • Start in SCOIR.  You can access it by clicking on the Google icon and signing in with your BCHS Google account. If you have trouble, please contact Mrs. Nixon. Use this amazing tool to 1) research colleges and universities, and 2) complete the YouScience Career Assessment tool.
  • Get the best grades you can. This is a huge opportunity to prove yourself as a student who can ask questions, show grit, and overcome adversity. Rising to the challenge when other students take the easy way out is a way to separate yourself from the crowd. If you love your teachers and love your family but would love an outside tutor even more, Bender and Rocap , Class 101, and Huntington Learning Center are all nearby.

Next Steps:

  • Complete the 2022 College Autobiography.
  • Go back through the College Preparation Steps for Juniors to be sure you have completed the items listed.
  • Check out upcoming dates for ACT and SAT and register. Mark future dates on your calendar. Several colleges and universities are continuing their test optional policy for your class. I still encourage you to take the test, view your scores, talk to the schools to which you are applying, and make a decision about whether to apply test optional.
  • Colleges want to know what is important to you and the things about which you are passionate. Ask people in your desired career if they are willing to do a phone interview so you can learn more about the profession. Line up summer job shadowing opportunities.
  • Mrs. Nixon is here to help make this process less overwhelming. Set up a meeting here.