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College Counseling

March College Counseling Newsletter for Juniors


“Help! My college search season is here and everything is closed. What should I do?”

  • Research colleges and universities in SCOIR. You registered your account on Friday, 2/28 during school. You can access it by clicking on the Google icon and signing in with your BCHS Google account. If you have trouble, please contact Mrs. Nixon.
  • Colleges want to know what is important to you and the things about which you are passionate. With a little extra time on your hands, ask people in your desired career if they are willing to do a phone interview so you can learn more about the profession. Line up summer or fall job shadowing opportunities. 
  • Leadership opportunities can look different during a time of a health pandemic. How can you replace “club treasurer” or “team captain” with “fundraising organizer” or “volunteer coordinator” during this time? 
  • Get the best grades you can. This is a huge opportunity to prove yourself as a student who can ask questions, show grit, and overcome adversity. Rising to the challenge when other students take the easy way out is a way to separate yourself from the crowd. 
  • If you love your teachers and love your family but would love an outside tutor even more, a couple of our local tutors are offering virtual sessions. Contact Bender and Rocap or Huntington Learning Center for more info.

What is going to happen with the ACT and SAT? 

  • The short answer is that we don’t know yet. Both testing companies released announcements on 3/16 (ACT, SAT) and have canceled test dates. It may be helpful to check the late summer and fall dates to schedule the one that currently works best for you. 
  • It may be likely that additional schools will adopt a test optional policy for your class. This site has a list that is consistently updated (sortable by Name and by State; 18 schools in Indiana are currently test optional).
  • It would still be a great idea to study for the SAT and ACT while you are out of school. For most schools, scholarships are still tied to scores. 

Next Steps

  • Complete the 2021 College Autobiography. These are a big help during your application process and many teachers require a copy of your answers before writing a letter of recommendation. Please complete it as soon as possible.
  • Let Mrs. Nixon help you! Set up a virtual meeting to ask college-related questions.