Student Assistance Program

The BCHS Student Assistance Program is designed for teachers and administrators to work collaboratively to address social and academic needs of students. The program is a way to ensure that the needs of every student are being met.

Students are referred to this program by teachers, counselors or another adult in their life because they might be struggling personally, socially, and/or academically.

The Student Assistance team meets bi-weekly or more often, when necessary, to discuss concerns for a student and to create an action plan focused on assisting that student in overcoming obstacles and reaching his/her potential. The team is comprised of Bishop Chatard staff members from our administrative team.

Becoming a part of the program

Any adult from the Bishop Chatard community can refer a student to this program. All referrals, students, and action plans adhere to a strict confidentiality policy.

If you feel you know a student who would benefit from this program, please contact Becky Wilde, BCHS social worker.

Questions? Please contact Becky Wilde at 317-251-1451, ext 2280 or