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Video Series Episode #10: College Fairs and Visits


Mrs. Nixon explains the importance of college fairs, even in a virtual world, and the unique language associated with college admissions.

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Video Series Episode #5: Admissions Expert Interview on Campus Visits


Mrs. Nixon interviews Aimee Scheuermann, from Hanover College with information about campus visits, open houses and interesting tips from the pro!

Campus Visits and Open House Q&A

College Visits


Nothing helps students and families more in the college search process than making an official college visit to schools of interest. Many college visits can take place on non-BCHS school days, but there are times when it is necessary to take a day off of school.

Every senior should try to take advantage of the opportunity to visit a college when the underclassmen take the PSAT/PLAN exams, usually in early-mid October. Seniors may choose to use additional days for college visits according to the following guidelines:

  1. Parents need to report the student’s absence on the day of the college visit via Safe Arrival software. Coming soon — a college option in SafeArrival.
  2. In order for the absence to be considered excused, upon return, the student must provide verification to the main office of the date, time and duration of the college visit that he or she has made.
  3. Students must be in good standing with a satisfactory attendance record and adhere to the guidelines regarding visits.

Juniors are permitted a limited number of college-visit days.

Updated May 2019: method of reporting the absence See  Student Handbook  for other details.