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Class of 2022 Application Week College Counseling Newsletter


Many college applications are due this week! In most cases, if you want to receive maximum consideration for admission and scholarship, you need to submit your application and all required documents prior to November 1. Follow these simple steps to success:

  1. Go to the internet browser and type in “Common Application” or “Apply to (insert the name of the college or university here)”. Complete ALL questions in the application.
  2. If you are using the Common Application: a)Immediately after starting, go to the “My Colleges” tab, click on “Recommenders and FERPA” and Invite Mrs. Nixon as your counselor. YOUR TRANSCRIPT CANNOT BE SENT IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS. Your application will not be complete if you do not request your transcript. If you request your transcript later than Friday, 10/29, at noon, we cannot guarantee that it will arrive to the school on time. b) If you haven’t entered any teacher recommenders yet and your schools do not require teacher recommenders, do not list any teachers here. Even if it allows you to enter optional teacher recommenders, do not list anyone here. If your schools do require recommenders, be sure to politely ask a teacher if they have time. Do not invite an advisor.  c)**This link is also helpful if you have questions on Common App:
  3. If you are applying from the school’s website, go to to request your transcripts to be sent there. YOUR TRANSCRIPT CANNOT BE SENT IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS. Your application will not be complete if you do not request your transcript. If you request your transcript later than Friday , 10/29, at noon, we cannot guarantee that it will arrive to the school on time.
  4. Attach or complete any necessary resumes, essays, and other required documents.
  5. Make your selection regarding test scores. If you want to have your scores reviewed, some schools allow you to self-report them on the application or through their online admission portal. Others require them to come from the testing service. For SAT scores, you will want to go to CollegeBoard, log into your account, click on the scores, scroll down, and click on Score Sends.
  6.  Complete theCSS Profile if your school requires it: This is another tool colleges and universities use to award financial aid. It is a College Board product and there is a fee to submit it. You do not need to do the CSS profile unless the school to which you are applying requires it.
  7.   The majority of schools provide you with an application portal where you can view your application and admission status. Log in to verify whether your application is complete.

Junior September College Counseling Newsletter


This is an exciting time in your college search process!

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your next steps:

  • Review the College Preparation Steps for Juniors to be sure you are on track.

  • Start in SCOIR.  You can access it by clicking on the Google icon and signing in with your BCHS Google account. If you have trouble, please contact Mrs. Nixon. Use this amazing tool to 1) research colleges and universities, and 2) complete the YouScience Career Assessment tool.

  • Mark your calendar: There is a College Information Presentation for your parents and guardians to attend at 6:00 pm on Progress Report Night.

  • Get the best grades you can. This is a huge opportunity to prove yourself as a student who can ask questions, show grit, and overcome adversity. Rising to the challenge when other students take the easy way out is a way to separate yourself from the crowd. If you love your teachers and love your family but would love an outside tutor even more, Bender and Rocap, Class 101, and Huntington Learning Center are all nearby.

  • Check out upcoming dates for ACT and SAT and register. Mark future dates on your calendar. We encourage you to prepare for and take the test, view your scores, and talk to the schools to which you are applying before making a decision about whether to apply test optional.

  • Colleges want to know what is important to you and the things about which you are passionate. Ask people in your desired career if they are willing to do a phone interview so you can learn more about the profession. Line up job shadowing opportunities to help you learn more.

Class of 2022 September College Counseling Newsletter


We’re back with a shorter, more streamlined update!

  1. Bishop Chatard will offer an SAT School Day, which gives students an extra chance to sit for the SAT, on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. This opportunity is open to seniors only. If you have not done so already, please complete this form to reserve your spot. More detailed registration and fee information will be available in subsequent weeks.This test date is in addition to the currently available Saturday test dates of October 2 and November 6. Registration for those tests is available at The school day test will not appear as an option in your College Board account.
  2. Scoir has replaced Naviance as our college search and application resource. Before you go any further in your college search, you should complete the YouScience career assessment under Careers and the college search under Colleges. You can log in with your BCHS account under Log in with Google. 
  3. Colleges are visiting Bishop Chatard! Sign up for the meetings with college reps in Scoir. The list of upcoming schools is also on our Student Meetings Calendar
  4. Please complete your Common Application as soon as possible. When you get to the questions about our school, please indicate that we have A-F grading on a 4.0 weighted scale. There are 157 students in your class and we do not rank. You have to list Mrs. Nixon as your counselor in order for all of the proper paperwork to be submitted. Do not list anyone as your Advisor. If you are applying to a school that asks you to enter your grades (i.e., Purdue), enter No Grade and 0 credits for the Final, but put your grades and credits for S1 and S2 as they appear on your transcript. 
  5. When applying to schools, please do not wait for letters of recommendation, transcripts, or counselor forms to be added to your application file before you click submit. You can click submit as soon as you finish everything; the colleges will add the other materials to your file when they arrive.
  6. Remember, if a school does not accept the Common Application, you will need to apply through the college’s website and request your transcript through Parchment. You must request a transcript to be sent to each college or university through Common Application or Parchment. 
  7. Again in 2022, some colleges are not requiring the SAT and ACT. A list of schools who do not require test scores is available here. There are still certain majors and scholarship programs that require tests at schools not requiring tests for admission. Many colleges and universities have changed their policies about whether you are allowed to change your test optional selection after your application has been submitted. Check with each school to which you are applying to ensure that you are choosing the option that is more advantageous to your admission and scholarship decisions.
  8. Remember that free online test prep tools are available through Khan Academy for SAT and ACT Academy. It is important that you send your scores directly from the testing service through your CollegeBoard and ACT accounts. Take advantage of the free score sends when you register. You must send your test scores to each college or university directly from the testing service. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you also qualify for test fee waivers. See Mrs. Nixon to access your code.
  9. Scholarships and Financial Aid: You can begin filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on October 1 at You will be reviewed for financial aid based on your 2020 tax information. If your income has changed drastically from 2020 to 2021, or if you have special circumstances, please contact each college or university for assistance. We recommend, RaiseMe, and CollegeBoard Opportunity Scholarships for outside scholarship searches.
  10. The Indiana University Groups Scholars Program provides academic, financial, and social support to selected underrepresented Indiana college students from matriculation to graduation and beyond. See Mrs. Nixon if you are interested in applying. To be considered, you must complete the IU Application for Admission by October 15 and the Groups Application and the FAFSA prior to November 1.