Mrs. Nixon and students discussing college information

College Counseling

Video Series

Video Series #12: Utilizing Personality Assessments


Mrs. Nixon explains using personality assessments to discover your strengths and interests, always important when considering a career.

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Video Series #11: You are admitted! How to make that college decision


Celebrate – You’ve been admitted to several colleges! Mrs. Nixon interviews Whitney Ramsay, from the Butler University, on the next steps in making that final choice.
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Video Series Episode #10: College Fairs and Visits


Mrs. Nixon explains the importance of college fairs, even in a virtual world, and the unique language associated with college admissions.

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Video Series Episode #9: The importance of studies as a Freshman & Sophomore


In this episode, Mrs. Nixon interviews Lindsey Speer, from the Ball State University on the importance of Freshman and Sophomore year studies.
Why studying is important