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College Spotlight 4

ruthscounselngblogphotoCollege: University of Louisville

Author: Ruth P. from the class of 2020

Admissions site:

As a high school student exploring college options, I was overwhelmed with the amount of time and energy required to make the best decision possible. Initially, I recall being at a loss of what I was actually looking for. We are all told to be mindful of tuition, location, intended programs/majors, involvement opportunities, college-specific scholarships, etc. Maybe not in that order, but I remember being nervous all around. What do I look at first? What matters most? What if I make the wrong decision? (more…)

College Spotlight 3

bop_picCollege: Purdue University

Author: Andrea J. from Houston, TX

Admissions Site:

As a senior in high school, I was interested in Purdue because of the variety of degrees and concentrations that are available to every student. However, I wasn’t sure about accepting Purdue’s admittance offer until Darren Henry contacted me about the Business Opportunity Program (BOP). The offer to participate in BOP the summer before my freshman year of college and learn valuable professional skills alongside a family-like dynamic of fellow students was definitely an affirming motivation for deciding to attend Purdue.

Once I began BOP, I realized that finance was an intriguing field that I could leverage a lot of my natural talents in. Since deciding to major in Finance at Krannert, I have successfully pursued multiple professional opportunities. Through Purdue and BOP, I was able to connect with the recruitment team for Accenture Consulting. Using the skills and knowledge I’ve attained in and out of class at Purdue, I made a valuable connection with Accenture and was offered an internship position at their Chicago location. I couldn’t look forward more to working with established professionals in the industry and gaining useful skills that I can apply to my future. As a sophomore in college, I am beyond grateful for my decision to attend Purdue and participate in BOP. Here, I have gained a diverse set of abilities that I consider advantages that I look forward to applying to my internship and beyond.


College Spotlight 2

College: University of Notre Dame14225603 1217467248316552 8474393395696718126 N

Author: Gabe T.

Admissions Site

“I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.” – Lou Holtz

If Notre Dame has taught me anything, it has been to let curiosity and ambition be my guide. For most of my life, I have forced myself to conform to one goal – to be a doctor. And I didn’t let myself look anywhere else or deviate from this standard formula. I was dead-set on the idea that going to medical school was everything I wanted and more. Maybe this wasn’t truly the case.

My freshman year at Notre Dame has opened my eyes to the idea that I don’t have to be a doctor if there are perhaps other things I am called to do – like pharmaceutical research or entrepreneurship. While being a doctor is a very rewarding path to walk, it no longer appears to be the path that I’m taking. As I have delved deeper into the academics that Notre Dame has offered me, I have been able to gain a better grasp of what fulfills me, and what I find to be exciting. (more…)

College Spotlight 1


College: Trine University

Author: Brittani S.

Admissions Site:

I heard about Trine because I had a friend who was  planning on attending. When I started to look more into Trine, I fell in love with the size. On my visits, I realized very quickly how welcoming this campus is. At my high school, we were all a big family. I still get that similar vibe here, and Trine has truly become my second home. “It’s a Trine thing.”