Seniors: Reminders December 2017

How to Send This Semester's Grades (semester 7) to Colleges

First semester grades will be stored and new transcripts will be ready to send to colleges by January 12, 2018.

Sending Mid-Year Report to Colleges: If you need a midyear report sent to any of your Common Application schools, please email Mrs. Nixon at

Sending Transcript with 7th Semester Grades: If you need a new transcript with 7th semester grades sent to any of your schools, please order through Parchment. After you’re done, stop by to see Mrs. Nixon or Mrs. Alerding if you want to confirm whether your request went through.

  1. Go to Click on signup and create your account.
    Remember your username and password. You will need to enter only your basic information before going to “Order” in the top right corner.
  2. On the ‘order’ page, enter Bishop Chatard as your school. Then, select the colleges who will be receiving your transcript.
  3. You will have to confirm your orders and then click the $0.00 button to have the transcripts sent.


Send BCHS Your Admission and Scholarship Letters to BCHS

Please be sure to send your admit letters and scholarship letters to Mrs. Alerding at or bring them to the School Counseling Office. We can accept copies, originals, photos, or screenshots. The board in the hallway and list on the website will be updated in mid-January.

If You Decide Not To Attend A College

If you decide not to attend a college or university, please contact them in writing and ask them to withdraw your application.

When You Have Chosen A College

You will need to submit a deposit to your school of choice by May 1.

College Visits

Nothing helps students and families more in the college search process than making an official college visit to schools of interest. Many college visits can take place on non-BCHS school days, but there are times when it is necessary to take a day off of school.

Every senior should try to take advantage of the opportunity to visit a college when the underclassmen take the PSAT/PLAN exams, usually in early-mid October. Seniors may choose to use additional days for college visits according to the following guidelines:

  1. Parents need to call the school regarding the student’s absence on the day of the college visit.
  2. In order for the absence to be considered excused, upon return, the student must provide verification to the main office of the date, time and duration of the college visit that he or she has made.
  3. Students must be in good standing with a satisfactory attendance record and adhere to the guidelines regarding visits.

Juniors are permitted a limited number of college-visit days.

Updated July 2017 from the Student Handbook

Senior Responsibilities

We’ve moved! Find the new page on Senior Responsibilities

  • Visit your guidance counselor often to keep her up-to-date with your plans.
  • Check the BCHS Web site and the websites of those colleges that interest you throughout the year for information on deadlines, scholarship opportunities, representative visits, open houses, etc
  • Complete all scholarship and college applications online and in a timely manner. Allow 10 full
    working days for processing of Etranscripts, Electronic Secondary School Reports (ESSR) and recommendations.
  • Know your deadlines and be courteous! Always request letters of recommendation from teachers in advance, at least 10 working days.

  • Note special deadlines for processing Etranscripts, ESSR and recommendations: Oct. 14, 2016 to process before Nov. 1; Nov. 7, 2016 to process before Thanksgiving break; Dec. 6, 2016, before Christmas break.
  • Bring documentation of scholarships and college acceptances to the guidance office for publication
  • Visit the Guidance Office for helpful information on colleges, majors and careers.
  • Visit the BCHS website often for up-to-date information concerning your student and senior activities
  • Provide credit card information, if needed, for online applications
  • Remind your senior of approaching deadlines.
    Help your student keep track of college and scholarship applications.
  • Encourage your senior to write ‘thank you’ notes to teachers who provide recommendations
  • Remind your senior to bring documentation of scholarships and college acceptances to the guidance office.
  • Provide advice and direction on post-secondary options.
  • Post and update information on rep visits, colleges, scholarships, and deadlines on the
    Bishop Chatard website.
  • Process transcripts, ESSR, and letters of recommendation when requested by the student.
    Process within 10 working days, following deadlines above.
  • Assist seniors in coordinating recommendation letters from teachers.
  • Post all scholarship and college acceptance information as documentation is provided and
    update regularly.