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Sep 22: Indy Westside College Fair

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Ben Davis High School
Contact: Y. A. Perez; 317-988-7014

Sep 23: NACAC National Conference Virtual Fair

Runs from Sept. 23 to 25. Register at

Oct 02: SAT Test at BCHS

Oct 06: HBCU College Fair

Virtual event runs from 6-9 p.m.

Details and registration

Oct 07: HBCU College Fair

Virtual event runs from 6-9 p.m.
Details and registration

Oct 13: SAT School Day Test at BCHS for seniors only

Register by Sept. 10 to take the SAT at BCHS on this day.

Details and registration form

Nov 06: SAT Test at BCHS

Dec 04: SAT Test at BCHS

Mar 02: School-Day SAT for Accountability (All Juniors)

This session is required for all juniors and will be explained as the day nears.
The actual date is TBD, but will be either March 2, 3 or 4.

Mar 09: Greater Indianapolis Northside College Fair

6:00 PM -8:00 PM
Location: Grand Park Event Center – Westfield
Contact: Aimee Rust-Scheurmann; 317-619-2692

Mar 23: Northeast Indianapolis College Fair

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Lawrence Central High School
Contact: KaNeasha Koebcke; 317-964-7460

May 07: SAT Test at BCHS

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As a senior, where should I look for information?

For the dates of BCHS events during your senior year, general BCHS senior questions and announcements, always check, commonly referred to as the ‘Senior Page’ on the main website. This also contains a ‘College’ section, with BCHS specific timeline and procedures.

For general college information, college tests, career information, questions and other opportunities, such as College Rep Visits and Open Houses, you are at the right place! This website will post these and other information as they become available.

How can I get quick information about college items?

A really good way to view upcoming and new items is to follow Mrs. Nixon’s and the College Counseling twitter, @BCHSCollege. Mrs. Nixon tweets on many topics, some not found on this website. Of course, checking this website will help you find college, career and scholarship topics too, many not found in her tweets.

How can I start thinking about which college to attend?

Here is one suggestion from Ruth P., from Louisville U.:

I made 4 lists that were the backbone of my search. The first contained my extracurricular activities, skills/abilities, leadership roles, community service, honors/talents and awards. The second held potential effective recommenders. The third consisted of scholarships that I qualified to apply for, based on my ACT score and GPA. And, finally, the fourth, a list of colleges that fit my intended major.

I turned the first list into a resume, the second into actual recommendations, the third into applications that I filled and submitted, and the fourth into colleges that I applied to, based on my intended program/major.

After getting accepted into my college choices, I then made the decisions considering “location, tuition, advantage of my intended program/major, involvement opportunities.”

Taylor Keasey, BCHS Class of 2016, offers her advice:

  1. Take the SAT/ACT early, beginning in your junior year, and often, to get the best score.
  2. Make sure you let your parents help you. This is a new beginning for them too. They are there to help and are more than willing.
  3. Take a deep breath and take it one thing at a time.

College Fairs: when are they, do you have any tips?

College Fairs are events where students of any grade can get acquainted with the multiple colleges at the fair in one evening or afternoon. BCHS posts College Fair information we receive during the school year.

View 2021-22 College Fair Schedule

We recommend this article from the University of Colorado for tips and top questions to ask at a college fair.

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View Episode #10 in our Trojan College Counseling Video.

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