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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send just one SAT or ACT score?

For the SAT, you can use Score Choice to send only certain scores to certain schools.
For the ACT, you have to specify which individual score you are sending when you order, so it is all customized.
For most institutions, we recommend sending all of your scores. Their computer systems will pull your high sub scores out automatically and they won’t look back to the lower scores. At extremely highly selective institutions, it is often better to send your highest scores only.

When should I take the SAT/ACT?

Bishop Chatard recommends that as  junior you should aim to take the test in the spring. If you are taking it as a senior, you should choose an early fall date for the SAT or ACT.

Sami Katra, BCHS Class of 2016, offers her experience:

“My struggle began with the fact that I took my SAT later than everybody else so I had a lot of stress with all the deadlines for college. Because of a first score, it got to the point where I had other requirements from Marian in order to be accepted.
I took the test again and the scores were a lot better but I had to write a paper to Marian explaining why they should accept me and explain why my scores came in late. I even thought of other options rather than college. But I knew college was my path. So, some advice: in order to know what school you are going to for sure and get accepted by Christmas, take the SAT or ACT early! Take the test as many times as you can! The more times you take the test, the better scores you get and the easier it is to get in to college.”

Can I get a waiver for SAT/ACT testing or college application fees?

Students who qualify for free/reduced school meals are encouraged to contact the BCHS College Counselor for information about SAT/ACT test fee waivers and possible college application waivers.